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Reviews needed!

If you know Heritage House products, we want your feedback - and so do other customers like you! Each product now has a location to add a product review and we will give you up to $25 off just for reviewing items you know.



Reviews must be useful (not a short sentence) and submitted using the same email you place your order under (your email is not published with the review). The reviews must not contain crass language or content (at our discretion). Reviews may be positive or negative, but must be meaningful to other customers. You MUST have owned, used, or handled the product you are reviewing. Fake reviews, silly reviews, meaningless reviews or reviews that are suspected of being fake will be rejected at our discretion and the discount will not be applied.



Review 2 items - Get $5 off your order
Review 4 items - Get $10 off your order
Review 7 items - Get $15 off your order
Review 10 items - Get $25 off your order


How it Works

As you check out, put how many products you reviewed in the order notes. We will check your reviews and give you the discount after your order is submitted. Your discount will NOT show in the shopping cart but we will apply it as long as the reviews are there and the emails match.



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