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Just for Girls/Guys, Abortion/Pro-Life, Tabloids

Item: 919JF

Group: Abortion/Pro-Life, Tabloids

Price: $0.45 - $1.00

Get the best abstinence information for your campus or youth group! Just for Girls-Just 4 Guys is a publication for middle school and high school students presenting the importance of abstinence until marriage. This extremely cutting edge magazine will cause your freinds to want to get their own ... Details

Life Matters, Abortion/Pro-Life, Tabloids

Item: 918PL

Group: Abortion/Pro-Life, Tabloids

Price: $0.37 - $1.00

Life Matters, Teen Designed, Documented. Reaching teens and young adults with the pro-life message can be a challenge - but Heritage House has now made it easier than ever. Our tabloid includes our 12 most popular and up-to-date pro-life pieces in a format that attracts and keeps the average teens ... Details

You Can Stop Injustice, Abortion/Pro-Life, Tabloids

Item: 914SI

Group: Abortion/Pro-Life, Tabloids

Price: $0.49 - $1.00

You Can Stop Injustice highlights abortion as the greatest social injustice of all time. Through personal stories, hard facts, and shocking statistics, You Can Stop Injustice encourages young people to take action, giving the child in the womb the rights and opportunities all people deserve as ... Details


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