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Love Lessons, DVDs, Abstinence

Item: 7798SL

Group: DVDs, Abstinence

Price: $45.95 - $49.95

Faith based DVD curriculum for students Today's teens have not been told the whole truth about the consequences of thier choices when it comes to sex! Our culture hands them a daily dose of sex through music, television, movies, internet, social sites, and texts, while never showing the ...

Teen Sex-The Rules, DVDs, Abstinence

Item: 78397TR-D

Group: DVDs, Abstinence

Price: $27.95 - $29.95

Each and every day, 8,000+ teens contract an STD. 85% of these teens do not even know they have a life-threatening disease. The Rules Have Changed is a succinct video that answers questions parents and teens have about the dangers of sex. Is there really an STD epidemic? Aren't STDs curable with ...



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